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Welcome Packet: Services


I am excited for your first visit to Leandra Renz Hair inside the wonderful Suite Society. Located at 750 Garden of the Gods RD Suite 120-115


You filled out the consultation form,  booked and paid your deposit now what? Now you start to get excited for your appointment!!!!  48 hours before your appointment you will receive a text notification and  you will need to confirm your upcoming appointment. 

Cancellation Policy: If an appointment is canceled before the 48 hour rule, your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled appointment. If you cancel within the 48 hours, a new deposit will need to be applied before I can reschedule you. 

Appointments that do not require a deposit and cancel within the 48 hours will have to pay a $50 rebooking fee, before a new appointment is scheduled 


Cute Planner

First Appointment

All Guest please arrive 5 mins before hand depending on the time of day parking can get a little tricky. Please feel free to park in the front, side or the back of the building. Once you are parked please feel free to come and wait in the lobby or if you prefer to wait in your car that is fine also, shoot me a text and let me know you have arrived

I ask that please don’t wander the halls looking for my room I will come get when my room is ready for you.

Haircut Guest: Regular haircut guest please come with non washed hair, dry haircut guest please come with clean hair.

Chemical Guest: Please come with clean dry hair, build up on hair can lead to unwanted results. 

Inside My Suit

Welcome to room 115, please make yourself at home! Once I have shown you back to my feel free to hang your belongs on the coat rack or the cute mandala hook, just to the left of my chair. 

Don’t be surprised if my old suite mate pops in from time to time even though we no longer share a room we still share stuff from time to time or just like to have some laughs during the day like you see in this photo. 

Amenities in my suite: Wi-Fi if you need to get work done or you if you want to get lost in your phone.

snacks and beverages 

music or movies.

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